Djembe Singapore Club

Djembe Singapore Club

We are a community of djembe drumming enthusiasts who drum away happily every Saturday!

Founded by TTM Djembe Academy Senior Certified Teacher Kelvin Kew, we learn about traditional African rhythms and drum songs, as well as the beautiful culture and history behind these music. More than that, we find joy in the connection we build with one another through drumming, performing and progressing together!


TTM Djembe Academy Singapore

Run by Lîla Drums Productions, TTM Djembe Academy Singapore is a branch of the world’s first international school of traditional West African drumming. Founded by Djembe Grandmaster Mamady Keïta, Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy is dedicated to preserve and transmit Mandingue musical tradition as a tool to promote tolerance, understanding, equality and international peace.

4-Week Beginner Class


The joy of playing traditional African rhythms


Stories from the villages


Our Djembe community in a mini performance at the end of 4-week term

Begin Your Journey

You will be guided to play the basic techniques of traditional African djembe, along with the stories behind each traditional rhythm. Learn and play in an ensemble setting with other African drums to feel and understand the groove better. Anyone can play the djembe, no musical background required! All classes are based on the TTMDA curriculum, created by Djembe Grandmaster Mamady Keïta.

Suitable for age 14 and above, no music background required.

Djembe Class

Wed Classes

Starts 27 Sep

7.30 – 8.30pm

Sat Classes

Starts 30 Sep

1 – 2pm

Class Fees

$120 for 4 classes | $40 per class
$150 for Wed + Sat 8 classes
Includes drum rental
Payment methods


Kallang Community Club, 45 Boon Keng Road, Singapore 339771
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Nearest MRT Station:
Boon Keng MRT station – Exit B, 2 min walk.

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Performance Class – Annual Mini Concert

It’s time for our annual mini concert! ★ Blu Jaz cafe, 25 November ★

We will learn the rhythms, breaks and solos for our mini concert. Concert practice will be held every Saturday from 2.15 – 3.15 pm starting from July 29th for 16 weeks leading up to the concert on November 25th.


Every Saturday

2.15 – 3.15pm


Class Fees

Members: Free
Non-members: $30 per class
Package: $20 x 16 classes
Drum rental: $10 applies for all

Class Info

Learn challenging breaks and rhythms – struggle and feel the impossible – then feel the magic of playing as One on concert day :)
Students are recommended to complete at least 2 phases of Beginner classes to join this class.

4-Week African Dance Class for Beginners

Experience African rhythms and culture through dance, where it all started! Learn basic African dance steps to traditional rhythms, accompanied by ‘live’ drumming! Open to all, regardless of dance background. Just like the djembe is for everyone, African dance is for all to enjoy as a way of life.

Suitable for age 14 and above.

African Dance Class

Every Saturday

Starts 30 Sep

4.30 – 5.30pm

Class Fees

Members: $100 for 4 classes
Non-members: $120 for 4 classes
Payment methods

Class Info

Please wear loose or comfortable clothing. Remember to bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself!


Djembe Singapore Club @ Kallang Community Club
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Advance Class

Enjoy special topic classes by our founder, Kelvin Kew, back in home grounds when he is not busy travelling the world. Are you ready for the challenge? Students need to attend at least 2 phases of Beginner classes before joining.

Djembe Class

Only on Special Saturdays

Enquire for the next class

3.30 – 4.30pm

Class Fees

Members: $20
Non-members: $50 per class
Drum rental: $10 applies for all
Payment methods

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